Adventures in Thailand

I must say, that I found it somewhat refreshing to be in a country where no one around you is speaking english as their first language. Walking through the cluttered and chaotic streets of Phuket, Thailand, and not being able to pick up a single word or conversation in the ambient noise that surrounded me was a very relaxing experience. Forcing the mind to focus only on the visual elements, the 5 senses and body language of others surrounding me was a whole new experience - an enjoyable one! 

I have never seen so many restaurants, food stands, restaurants on wheels and night markets full of food stalls in all of my life. It would definitely be hard to go hungry in this country as you can buy a piece of fried chicken, or a bag of baked banana chips off the street for only 20 Baht ( roughly converted to $1.10 CAD). The average local meal cost me 80 baht ( $3.30 CAD ) and consisted of minced chicken, pork or beef, a fried egg and a cup of white rice. Not a bad way to save money and stay full, although it was an easy way to put on the lbs with so much white rice (unless your body is used to this diet)! 

The beaches and islands in Thailand are definitely on my top five list of most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. The shores are sprinkled with soft white sand that sifts away under your feet as you step by step down the path towards the aqua ripples. You can walk for a quarter mile out towards the infinite ocean in ankle deep, crystal clear, salt kissed glory to where tropical fish of every neon colour and shape swim about the coral rocks of the ocean floor. I squinted my eyes as the horizon extends for an infinity, and the sky blends into the ocean. I found paradise.